iPad Wine List

iPad Wine List Application: 
Showcasing and selling your wine has never been easier.

One of the most important aspects of fine dining is the  WINE MENU or WINE LIST.
Your wine collection is a determining factor of prestige-and your restaurant's bottom line

eMenu International's wine list application on iPad offers the most sophisticated and attractive way to present your wine collection and maximize your wine sales. 

Instead of tucking away your wine in a cellar, or leaving all the information in the hands of sommeliers with high turnover, present your customers with an iPAD WINE List featuring such useful features as:

  1. Picture enlargement - Wines are vividly featured on theiPad wine menuin razor-sharp high-resolution photos that can be enlarged.
  2. Comprehensive descriptors - The iPad wine menu features detailed and easy-to-update tables with the characteristics of all the wine selections,i.e.,vintage year, origin, winery and alcohol percentage.
  3. Languages selection -With a quick click, customers can select their language preference for the wine menu. Ideal for tourists.
  4. Filtering - The iPad eMenu enables customers to narrow their selections and focus in on specific items, i.e.,Italian or French wines.
  5. Wine pairing - Each type of wine can be paired with a specific dish.
  6. Icons - the iPad wine list provides the option to draw attention to specific wines with icons such as "Recommended" and "Top 100 Winery."
  7. Look and feel - We will customize the iPad wine menu for your venue with personalized graphics, colors and your logo.


Whether your restaurant is trendy or traditional, the iPad wine list will:

  1. Bring cutting-edge technology to your venue.
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and service - no more forgetting the attributes of a particular wine.
  3. Provide a high-profile platform for advertising -i.e., featured wine promotions.
  4. Increase revenue - the impressive and comprehensive presentation will enable customers to order wine more easily and more frequently.


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