iPad eMenu for Restaurants

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Your personal restaurant menu on an iPad

Restaurant iPad menu - will allow your wait staff to provide diners with iPad menus.

The iPad menu for restaurants can replace your restaurant's paper
menu and can also be a great addition to your eMenu system.

Our iPad menu application was developed and built after years of experience in the touch-screen menus field.

Benefits of our iPad restaurant menu:
  • Increases the average amount customers spend.
  • Serves to attract new customers.
  • Multilingual menu (great for tourists).
  • Differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Complements the look and feel of your restaurant - tailored to suit each individual restaurant's logo and colors.
  • Can be combined with table-side
    wall-mounted eMenu touch-screens

The iPad menu app can feature your entire restaurant menu on the iPad,
or just a segment of your menu (i.e., desserts, wine).

The restaurant iPad menu will also feature pictures of your dishes,
detailed descriptions about them, including ingredients and calorie
intake, as well as additional information about your business.

The iPad menu for restaurants is ideal for tourists as it allows customers
to change the language of the menu to any language they desire.

The interactive restaurant menu app Works on all platforms:
Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android (coming soon).

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