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Ever wished you could increase your restaurant profitability and incomes by just doing a single change? Want customers to buy more impulsive buying and order that extra drink or dessert? 

Have you ever wanted to create a "wow" effect for your customers and give them an upgraded dining experience? 

Introducing - The iPad Menu

Now you can. Introducing the iPad Menu - your customized menu on an iPad tablet for restaurants and hotels.
Featured on numerous media outlets and outfitted in 1000's of restaurants worldwide. 

The iPad Menu is Available Worldwide

The iPad Menu is now available in the US! it comes delivered and installed in your restaurant or hotel.

The iPad Menu - Your perfect solution to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty

With customized images, descriptions and prices of your whole menu. Visual sells! 

Face with mouth watering dishes on the iPad Menu. Your customers will be placing lager initial orders and will go on ordering desserts, cocktails and drinks. 

iPad Menu - Also on Android.

Perfect for Fine Dining, The iPad Menu is also available on an android tablet and is perfect for fine dining upscale establishments to be used as wine list or desserts list. It can even be used in casual dining wishing to show case their full menu dishes in high definition to patrons in real time.

iPad Menu designed cases

Find out how iPad Menu can be distributed just like regular menus in a customized case.

iPad eMenu offers numerous Features

Additionally our iPad Menu offers a multi lingual menu, special promotion features to promote the most profitable dishes, customers recommendations via social networks, on the fly changes, statistic reports and more.

With over 1000 installations and distributors in 15 different countries eMenu International had proven that the eMenu works and restaurants over the world can increase their sales just by changing their menus!

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