• Soho: "Thanks to the iPad eMenu, We have already seen that the average order total per customer has increased by more than 10%."
  • Fine Burger: " We have seen an increase in the number of items ordered at  tables featuring the eMenu screens."
  • Fish:"The iPad eMenu has increased our sale of cocktails and bar dishes."
  • Frangelico: "Customers are asking specifically for tables with eMenus".
  • Buiten: "The iPad eMenu makes us unique and exclusive."
  • BBB Burgus Burger Bar: "Without a doubt the eMenu system significantly contributes to increasing our bottom line".
  • Frame: "We can say for sure that our sales has increased by 11%, which is incredible".
  • Belini: "It's amazing - the iPad menus have increased our wine sales by 15%!"
  • Dublin: "The eMenu system with its entertainment applications is a great attraction for the young Clientele".

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Whether you own a Fine dining restaurant, a Casual restaurant, a pub or even a hotel - This website can increase your venue's income and customer's satisfaction by integrating an interactive menu in your business.


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